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Space 彩票注册送38元app Export S.r.l. is a distribution company that has been working in the Life Science business since 1985, specialized in the fields of Biomedical Research and Diagnostic Market.

Our distribution activity has grown, through an active cooperation with a sister company, called LaboSpace, provider of laboratory services, with branches in Italy, UK and USA.

This joint activity, we believe, drives competence and high quality skills to all our end users in the fields of Multiparameter Hightrouput Screening Analysis, Immunhistochemistry and
performing Services for Genetic Diagnostic Tests.

Space 彩票注册送38元app-Export is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, with the aim to provide the best service along with the best products for Research and Diagnostics. From May 2011 LaboSpace
is granted of the accreditation, as Diagnostic Laboratory, by the Local Government.


Tool. The easiest way to order the most analytes available.

This section of our website allows you to explore intracellular signaling pathways and biological processes in a new interactive format.

Our new interactive pathways give an overview of some major signal transduction processes, click on the individual proteins and receptors to locate key research tools and view the range of products Tocris has to offer.

the Ubiquitin specialist company is now part of R&D.

Space 彩票注册送38元app Export is now the Italian distributor of Cytomark with TransFix the Cellular Antigen Stabilisation Reagent.


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Bio-Techne, formerly Techne Corporation, has always
the parent company of R&D Systems.

With you in mind, we are bringing together brands to
support your research and development objectives.

Our expertise across three operating divisions spans
laboratory research, translational research and

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